About Tom Wheeler

My name is Tom Wheeler and I'm a software developer who lives in the St. Louis, Missouri area of the midwestern United States.

Software Development

Although I've mostly held job titles like "Principal Software Engineer" and "Senior Programmer/Analyst" since the late 1990s, my broad range of experience leads me to help out in many ways beyond software design and implementation. This includes training, configuration management, computer/network security and system administration. I also love writing documentation nearly as much as I love writing code.

I am currently a Principal Curriculum Developer and Developer Advocate at Temporal Technologies, and was previously at Cloudera, Object Computing, Inc. (OCI), WebMD, and a few other places before those. I've been active in open source for many years, although my work with NetBeans, was probably the most notable since I was a committer to the core-main repository, four-term member of the Governance Board and creator of the First Patch program. Although my schedule doesn't allow me to be very active in NetBeans Platform development now, I have a section of my site devoted to my open source work with NetBeans Platform, now mainly of historical interest.

Articles, Publications and Presentations

I frequently share what I've learned by writing articles and speaking at technical conferences and user group meetings. For posterity, I've listed all the presentations, articles and other publications I've written over the years in one place.


I love to travel and fortunately my wife does too. I've listed some of the trips we've taken and I have grand plans of one day uploading all the photos from those journeys. I am a truly awful photographer, so you're probably better off that I haven't gotten around to posting them yet.


I've created a page describing how to reach me.